Sprinkler System Service

Our sprinkler service technicians care for the proper and efficient operation of your sprinkler system.

Using Water Efficiently

Full Service and Repair.

Sprinkler start-ups, seasonal monitoring, backflow certification and blow-outs.


Breaks, geysers, stuck valves, root-pinches, dry spots


Renovation of the System

Diagnosis and improvement, adding zones, boosting pressure    


City water, pressurized irrigation, open ditch pumps, and other water sources.


Spring Sprinkler Startup

The entire system is turned on and inspected, including a head-to-head cleaning and adjustment of all zones; main, drain, and timer operation.       


Timer & System Checks

Sprinklers are dynamic systems that require some continual adjustment and timing changes during the year. A quick visit when the summer heat is on goes a long way to wise water use.

Backflow Certification

Our technicians are qualified and licensed to complete backflow certification, repairs and upgrades.


Sprinkler blowouts for the winter should be done carefully to prevent freeze damage. We schedule you at your convenience and stand by our work.

We’ve Been Caring for Sprinklers for Over 20 Years

  • Licensed professional staff
  • Member- The Idaho Nursery & Landscape Assn (INLA)
  • Member- Idaho Pest Management Assn (IPMA)
  • Staff Arborist- Internat’l Society of Arboriculture (ISA)

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