Lawn, Shrub & Tree Care

Residential and Commercial Properties

Fertilization, Lawn Insect & Disease Treatments, Turf Aerations &  Renovations, Tree Injections, Spider Barriers, and Landscape Spraying

Lawn Care

If you have a lawn, you want it to be green and healthy. Fertilizing, weeds, crabgrass, insects, and disease are all addressed in complete care packages that are perfect for our area.

Core aeration, dethatching, and overseeding are excellent ways to reinvigorate established, and especially, heavily-used lawns.


Shrub and Tree Care

As your yard matures over time, shrubs and trees are the most enduring pieces of the landscape. That’s why a little plant health care goes a long way. To take better care of these valuable assets, custom care packages are available.


Custom Plant Health Care 

Shrub and Tree treatments- dormant oil, mite and insect, fungicide, fruit preventer, root and stem injections

Summer Lawn Reviver-  organic nutrients and soil microbe supplements

Special treatments for acute or chronic plant health disorders

Terravita can do a free site assessment of your property. This will give you professional information on the condition of the shrubs and trees, recommended regimens for care, and costs involved- all prioritized by need.

Please contact us to discuss how to begin. It costs nothing and can mean all the difference for your lawn, shrubs, and trees!

Expert Lawn Care For Over 20 Years

  • Licensed professional staff
  • Members of The Idaho Nursery & Landscape Assn INLA)
  • Environmental Care Assn (ECA)
  • Internat’l Society of Arboriculture (ISA)

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