Plant Warranty Guidelines


Thank you for choosing Terravita for your planting needs! Our professionals at Terravita take great care in hand selecting the best quality plant materials to ensure our clients receive the best quality product. We feel confident your plants will thrive given your continued active role in providing proper plant care. Your new planting comes with a limited six month plant warranty.

It is important to remember your plants require special care from you to ensure their survival. We do not offer cash refunds. Things we are not responsible for & do not warranty:

  • plants getting inadequate water coverage
  • plants damaged by natural disasters
  • damage caused by extreme weather conditions
  • damage caused by animals
  • annuals
  • smaller than 1 gallon plants
  • water plants
  • non hardy plants
  • plants kept in above ground containers
  • sod & seed

In efforts to best serve you, we appreciate your continued communication in regards to your plants & their healthcare. Please contact us at any sign of plant distress such as; wilting, yellowing, leaf spotting, dryness, discoloration, any pests or anything out of the ordinary.

We appreciate your business & look forward to our growing & continued relationship with you & your landscape!

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