Terravita Pest Control

Our philosophy follows an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) approach to pest control. We first identify potential threats to the landscape, then decide on the best way to handle them.

We Look for Insects and Disease

You can trust Terravita to have the eye for problems as they appear. We believe in dealing with landscape pests on a case-by-case basis and pesticides are prescribed when necessary.

Lawn, Trees, and Shrubs

Our years of practical experience work for you. We have the resources and the professional contacts to determine the answers to your pest problems. Our whole industry is at your service!

Sometimes Prevention is the Key

Most pest problems are fleeting and benign, but others are best handled in a preventive way. Ash trees, for example, are prone to aphid infestation every season, so we protect each tree before it suffers with long-lasting, effective treatments.

A dormant oil spray in late winter will control many insect populations for the whole season.

A Word about Billbugs

The Treasure Valley has a several different species of this destructive pest. Our Turf Program is designed to prevent or minimize the impact of billbugs on your lawn

A Call for a Free Landscape Analysis will Save You Money!

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